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A Message About our Blossom Of The Month Program

Dear Friends, customers, and sweet subscribers, as much as I hate to come here with heavy news. Right now is a super heavy time. And with everything going on around us I've made the extremely hard decision to temporary suspend our Blossom Of The Month program due to the huge impact that COVID - 19 has made on obtaining the materials we need to fulfill those orders.
I'm so sad to make this decision, but I've made it for so many different reasons. The first one being I'm having a harder time each and every day sourcing materials. I have the materials on hand to cover at least a few orders a weeks for the coming weeks. But I hold 50 BOTM slots monthly and it's hard to source the amount of material I need to keep those going at this time. Not impossible, but I don't want to take in orders that I might not be able to fulfill because of the COVID-19 epidemic. 
No Tears! Blossom Of The Month will be back!!
Once all of this craziness is over our program will be coming
back more refined and refreshed and better than ever. 
Not only is this the time to spend with our families,
it is also the time to reflect and let your creativity blossom.
All existing BOTM will ship by Thursday,
along with a little extra magic to brighten up yours and your little ones day.
Thank you so much for your on going love and support as we navigate these uncharged waters together. <3

We are all happy and healthy over here,
and I hope you and your families are the same.

- Callie + Crickets Blossom