Blossom Of The Month Subscription


Blossom of the Month { aka BOTM } is a monthly subscription where you will receive a surprise blossom (or blossoms) at the end of each month. You will be able to request a specific hardware finish  { nylon band, left or right clip, or hard headband options } and the subscription quantity, but the blossom it's self will always be unique and complementary
 to the season you receive it in.
The last week of every month you will receive a surprise OOAK blossom design that is not available for purchase in the shop. The first perk is your paying a smaller price than what the flower will retail at! Woot! This design could be vintage, moody, modern, colorful. And can feature different textiles and materials some months. But it will always feature beautiful flowers!
You will be automatically invoiced/billed for the next months blossom
on the 1st-2nd of every month.

BOTM is so much more than just a monthly subscription. Our BOTM designs are especially unique to the shop because they feature a wide array of textures, colors, and materials blended into OOAK floral arrangements made specifically for you and your littlest. Each design is dreamed, crafted & created by my hands, and made with so much love!

The subscription comes with an exclusive free shipping discount code that can be use an all other orders { aside from BOTM }
and special sales and pre-shopping events! 
One of the coolest parts if after your September blossom arrives { September is a surprise } you will then have the opportunity to vote for each months "theme" in our facebook group! So after you've purchased your BOTM spot head over to { Crickets Blossom Besties  for so many sneak peaks and BTS.

Q: When am I charged each month for my subscription?
A: After you purchase your BOTM spot you will be automatically charged each month after than on the 1st or 2nd



Q: How often do I receive a bow this subscription?
A: Once a month! Customers receive their monthly blossom within the last business week of every month.

Q: How do I sign up?
A: Spots will be available Wednesday @ noon EST.

Due to my handmade production abilities, I am limited to the number of subscriptions I can offer at this time. Spots are very limited.

Q: How can I cancel?

A: oh boo we are sad to watch you go! But you can cancel anytime by emailing

Q: What if I don’t like the blossom I receive?
A: We hope everyone loves their surprise blossom, but in the case that you don’t, we suggest selling or trading your bow in our VIP group { Crickets Blossom Besties } (Buy, Sell, Trade Tread) on Facebook!

Q: Can I return or exchange my blossom?
A: We do not accept returns or exchanges for our subscription service.

Q: How much does it cost to have a BOTM subscription?
A: Subscription prices are based on the finish of the hardware. Our BOTM subscriptions are priced about $15 less than the blossoms retail price. 

Nylon band, Left and Right Clip - $36.50
Silver Metal Headband - $38.50
Coordinating Velvet Headband $40

Q: Can I apply discounts to my subscription?
A: Sorry, but discounts are not applicable to our subscription service.